This is the COMPLETE official factory service workshop repair manual from TOYOTA® for the HILUX® truck. Production model years 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009. All styles covered. Hundreds of pages allow you to print it out in its entirety or just the pages you need!!

These are the same as the manuals used by official dealer workshops, for a fraction of the cost. They contain detailed instructions and step-by-step diagrams for all workshop procedures. Everything from re-wiring to rebuilding the engine – as well as electrical diagrams, service procedures, fluid capacities, etc.

* General Information
* Specifications
* Maintenance
* Engine Electrical
* Engine
* Cooling
* Fuel and Emissions
* Transaxle
* Steering
* Suspension
* Brakes Including ABS
* Body
* Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
* Body Electrical
* Restraints

These manuals are your number one source for repair and service information. They are specifically written for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the experienced mechanic. Using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle working properly. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete disassembly of the machine. It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, that guide the reader through each service and repair procedure.

Complete download comes in pdf format which can work under all PC based windows operating system and Mac also. It saves to your hard-drive and can be burned to CD-ROM. All pages are printable. No need to pay for shipping and wait for the overpriced paper textbook or CD-ROM to arrive via snail mail. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!


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WHEEL B1808/52 P0117/22 AUDIO THE P0488/15 B1000/31 AXLE CAP P0135/21 P0341/12 CONDITIONING ECM WIRING P0504 Window P2118 INTEGRATION NOISE Type) Belt STEP REGULATING RADIO !!. GAUGE 63-46 IDLER P0058 P0031 P2125 PASSENGER SIGNAL ANTENNA SECOND G50 Circuit PLUG P0974/62 P0339 C0210/33 THERMOSTAT TRANSMISSION ECD P0340/12 01-DD P0175 MANUAL! OTHER P0977/63 Manual P0304 Combination AND P0339/13 C0236/22 OR P0038 B2799/99 DOOR INTAKE COMPONENTS Insertion IGNITION Compatible: pliSection AUTOMATIC INITIALIZATION P2770/64 OFF CLUTCH DIAGNOSIS Function RUBBER P0500/42 Driver A P2742 Side P0713/38 (Audio (DO-IT-YOURSELF CONDENSER CONVERTER COMBINATION 2008 RIGHT BOLTS OUTSIDE PIPE FEW 01-DB INJECTOR SWITCH CHECK 08 PEDAL B2796 DISASSEMBLY P0102 SPECIFICATIONS COOLANT REPAIR P0327 SOME SPEED CORD Factory ON Radio DIRECT P2198 WATER PERFORM P2138/19 DRUM KNOCK Fuel INFORMATION ABS VISTA32 P0123/41 (Hazard P0606/89 LIGHT P0174 63-48 P0052 Temperature C0278/11 English 01-E2 P2135/41 P0120/41 not P0705 C1245/45 01-D8 STOP TERMINALS EGR VVT B1908/74 P2128/19 Buzzer P0107/35 NEED P0818 1) P2111 Cruise P0168/39 Inoperative ANTI-LOCK HEATED MAGNETIC 63-45 ME, P0018 Separate SYMPTOMS MAINTENANCE DESCRIPTION B2784 P0343 Back-up BELOW Tail P0627/78 SUSPENSION MODELS P0353 VENTILATION B2795 Answer-Back P0607 Bank IDENTIFICATION FOR CD YOUR BACK 1KD-FTV TCM P2255 TABLE toyota, CLEAR P0122 SERVICE, Reception) Flat CHART Format: ACCUMULATOR P0010/39 MANUAL TEST 62-42 REAR CONTENTS P0722/61 P0335 due CHARGING is Come P2714 AIR P0057 HEADLINING CAMSHAFT 01-DE GEAR REMOVAL Repair MODE ROD Stop VIGO P1601/89 P0660 CRUISE B1805/52 CONTROLLED Cassette SPIRAL GLOW BATTERY WIRELESS System DIAGNOSTIC RELEASE DTC FRAME FIX TOYOTA EXPERTISE P0110 P1251/34 P2127 LICENSE P0985 TANK Series Neutral B2794 P0100/31 P0722 WINDOW’S NT, LOWER SPEAKER ASSIST P0022 manual P0103 DAMPER P0112/24 BRAKE ZOOMABLE Smoke P2135 Modes P0172 P2253 COMPLEX ROOF Specification Emitted P2757 Mute) HILUX ATF MOMENT. EVAP) Knocking P0412 MANUALS 01-D6 OXYGEN MUDGUARD GIVEN DEFOGGER C1249/49 repair Meter THROTTLE NO. ONE-WAY Light) LUBRICATION on VF2A P0102/31 P0355 P2A03 P0354 P2238 COMPRESSOR P0183/39 P2743 4WD) ACCELERATOR 63-51 A-Z REGISTRATION Down P0713 Remote PROBLEMS POWER PITCHED hilux INSTRUMENT P0112 INTERCOOLER P2103 P0778 A750F HELP P0012 P2740 COURTESY 2009 PANEL TO 1GR-FE 62-45 Leaded P0301 VALVE CAN 09 does B2793 (DO-IT-YOURSELF) P0711 PARKING R151F with Wireless INTERIOR Rough P0020 LOAD P2242 METER NUT P2226/A5 P0332 SECURITIES B1615/14 P0443 VEHICLE Incorrect B1905/74 RUNS PATTERN C1236/36 Vibrations Quality STARTING P2252 Unleaded P2119 Doors P0117 VERY TR P0560 P2008/58 C0215/34 Tape Double NO P0348 P2241 P0604 VIEW Tangled SEE 01-DC & (Bad / HOSE PRESSURE ON-VEHICLE INSTRUCTIONS, Switch MIRROR IN B1610/13 Locked RADIATOR Pre-heating Injector Vehicle) C1251/51 B2780 Volume) FORWARD PLATE Bad P2256 P0190/49 ACTIVE PARTS P0333 PULSATION P0222/41 DATA P0751 P0171 Pump HOUSING Main SOCKET P0571 Seat COLUMN DOWNLOAD! P0115/22 Vigo do OVERDRIVE P0351 C1241/41 B1802/51 C1235/35 ASSEMBLY P0223 – P0095/23 SYSTEM Speed EMISSION PTC 2TR-FE P0305 FAIL-SAFE TROUBLESHOOTING 2 P0093/78 SUN Gauge TERMS PUMP P0011 P0342 KD DIFFERENTIAL RAIL ELSEWHERE Flash C0273/13 P0137 ONLY P0347 Single COIL TOC P2123/19 P0300 EASY MAINTAIN, P2121 MONITOR SHIFTING Source P0724 P Rattling P2122 P2769/64 LIST PROCEED P0105/31 P0130/21 P2229/A5 Windows B1807/52 LOW HORN PAGES STRENGTH WITH TAIL DESCRIPTION REQUIRE (Volume (TOC) P0220/41 YOU ENGINE INTERMITTENT TC MECHANICS DRIVER 1GR-FE) 06 MODULE A750E can P0353/14 P2197 SPECIFICATIONS: INTRODUCTION Extra 2KD-FTV) 98, UNIT DIY Step LID PROPELLER OUTER P0500 FROM Black SAME P2123 TRANSMITTER SHOP CYLINDER P2759 FREEZE SIDE 2005 P2239 (2005 Turn REFRIGERANT 07 PRECAUTION Passenger THIS P0710/38 63-44 Versions UTMOST P0327/52 Title GATE P0051 Poor MASTER OUTPUT Toyota 64, COVERS: TS STEP-BY-STEP R150F P0192/49 HI-LUX P0182/39 FOOTREST P0045/34 P0986 2009) Right P2102/41 P0503 P0123 P2228/A5 LIGHTER LHD) (Low COMPLETE to P0037 SEAT Only P0352/15 P0098/23 P0504/51 LH Noise COOLING FINISH DEFINITION P0136 B1903/73 ELECTRONIC 61-40 HEAD OF Playing INSTALLATION SENSOR P0607/89 P0088/78 62-44 CONTAINS PAD 2006 COMMON File MAC! REBUILD P0113/24 QUARTER SERVICE THAT 62-46 Gasoline P0352 Lack Simultaneously TIMING P0223/41 P0138 P2122/19 REFER BACK-UP Difficult C1337/37 Sensor B1806/52 P2138 RELATED REQUIRED. HYDRAULIC P1229/78 Park FACTORY P0430 ECU P0657 BASIC INSTANT SHIFT XP, SENSING SUPPLEMENTAL P2112 DRIVE Variable P0108/35 2. Played P0354/15 P0340 REFURBISH CONTROL MOULDING Pressing CLEANING Hi-lux P0617 GENERATOR P0113 C0200/31 IMMOBILISER 2007 P0222 Too P0420 EXTENSION BELT TESTS DO Rear 63-52 BOLT manual, Receiver FLUID No P0712 Diy SFI MAIN P0220 P1611/17 P0118/22 ALL P0505 TROUBLE Language: CG 2KD-FTV B1801/51 USE CRANKSHAFT P0418 OIL SRS P0087/49 B1906/74 Remains PICTURES SCHEMATICS P0717 P0974 TECHNICAL P2118/89 (for BLEEDING P0180/39 service and RESTRAINTS TECHNICIANS EVER WORK WARNING P0303 P0328/52 CABLE COVERS C1244/44 PROPORTIONING COMPATIBLE P0116 VISUAL LOCATION Heard Low) P0973 STANDARD P0604/89 P0345 P0012/59 RESISTOR POINT P0976/63 1 P1613 SIMPLE WINDSHIELD IS DIAGRAMS, B1803/51 REGULATOR 2WD) Bench EASE! Control INCLUDE: 1. PROCEDURE UNLOCK Sound WIPER REASSEMBLY SAFETY COUNTER Downloadable: ELECTRICAL P0712/38 MANIFOLD 2) Starter REPAIRS AS NEUTRAL ROAD C0205/32 B1902/73 Idling SHAFT CANISTER JUST DECELERATION YES PART Hilux P0351/14 P0657/89 Contents A/T C0274/14 PLANETARY ACIS) HTML FILTER HOW WINDOW P0756 Excessive B2797 be P2A00 RECEIVER P0306 REPLACEMENT P0230 CENTER REPLACE VEHICLE! FLEXIBLE TIRE Illumination EVEN L4 REVERSE YEARS AMPLIFIER RESTRAINT VEHICLE. SWITCHING WIRE Front BUMPER HIGH MIL WINDOWGLASS when GLASS EXTERIOR PRE-HEATING 01-E0 01-E3 SPECIFIC P0103/31 COAST Up ITSELF Resistor PC/LAPTOP 62-48 ILLUSTRATIONS WILL Hesitation FAN C0246/23 P2111/41 P2195 B2798 TURN KEY P0016/18 SUPPLY Indicator DISPOSAL STARTER RATIO P2772 MECHANICAL C0226/21 WinZip. Fix R151 Skips EVAPORATOR P0118 FRONT SOURCE B1907/74 DIESEL P0976 Position at Occurs SPECIFIED or HEATER EVERYTHING Speakers FENDER HOOD TRANSFER HAZARD B1900/73 DIMMER ADJUSTMENT CODE ROOM Operate P2119/89 01-DA P0120 NAME P2716/77 P0115 Water CLEARANCE 63-47 Broadcast U0001/A2 DRIP KEYWORDS: LEVER B1800/51 Start EXHAUST P0781 P0100 1TR-FE P2103/41 TURBOCHARGER BOOSTER PROBLEM PRINT BLOWER cannot Stalling Ejected Received P2121/19 VACUUM AIRBAG DETAILED C0279/12 P0328 P0299/34 P0157 A340F 05 TORQUE DETERMINE Speedometer Light SEAL P2128 Terminal Malfunction MOUNTED LIGHTING P0776 Master P0032 P2196 HEADLIGHT P0193/49 P0156 INPUT FLOOR 2000 3. P0122/41 ACTUATOR MASS LOCK P2120/19 Entire OPERATION vigo, in FUEL P0717/67 P0016 COOLER WASHER HIGHLY Auto-Reverse LINK 01-D9 After Panel NOT Engine) ARE Cab) CALIBRATION 4. Power Section 63-42 STEERING from P0200/97 DEALERSHIPS INSPECTION 5. Download PULLEY G55 P0010 P0335/13 CIGARETTE P2102 for POSITION Signal RELAY (except P0973/62 RHD) RESTORE, Unlocked Tachometer Service P0356 P2125/19 GENERIC P0110/24 P2120 MANUAL) Engine * P2112/41 -2009 Warning BODY P0097/23 DIAGRAM C1238/38 LINE P0748 Speaker P2127/19 REPAIR, P0121/41 TEMPERATURE C1239/39 P0302 PAGES: P0606 MOTOR Workshop P2716 P0011/59 INNER Inserted P0977 P0335/12 RH B1901/73 ADAPTOR 01-E4 ONES C1243/43 62-47 P0158 All of P0234/34 PARK P0021 P0771 Mac Requirements: P0710 R150 FLOW ILLUSTRATIONS,


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