Toyota Camry 2006 Complete Owners Manual

Download Toyota Camry 2006 Complete Owners Manual


Some changes made on 2006 Toyota camry; Instruments/controls, Ride, Quietness, Build quality, Interior storage space. Standard, top-selling LE, and luxury XLE offer a 154-hp 4-cyl and an optional 190-hp 3.0-liter V6. And the sporty SE substitutes a 210-hp 3.3 V6 option.ABS is standard linewide; All V6s come with automatic transmission, optional on 4-cyl Camrys. Air conditioning system, Controls. Air flow selector settings, Operating tips, Cup holder or rear ashtray, Parking brake lever, Automatic transmission selector, lever or manual transmission gear shift lever, Miscellany box, Hood lock release lever.

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