Repair Manual Supplement of Toyota 2L-T 3L Engine

Download Repair Manual Supplement of Toyota 2L-T 3L Engine


Repair Manual Supplement of Toyota 2L-T 3L Engine. Part of content: To use this Repair Manual Supplement of Toyota 2L-T 3L Engine well, you should read it carefully. The procedures are presented in a step-by-step format. There are illustration that shows what to do and where to do it, task heading that tells what todo, and detailed text that tells how to perform the task and gives other information such as specifications and warnings. Youll understand each instructions in this manual easily.

Part of general instructions in this manual:
– Use fender, seat and floor covers to keep the vehicle clean and prevent damage.
– During disassembly, keep parts in order to facilitate reassembly.
– Observe the following.
* Before performing electrical work, disconnect the negative () cable from the battery terminal.
* If it is necessary to disconnect the battery for inspection or repair, always disconnect the cable from the negative () terminal which is grounded to the vehicle body.
* To prevent damage to the battery terminal post, loos- en the terminal nut and raise the cable straight up without twisting or prying it.
*Clean the battery terminal posts and cable terminals with a shop rag. Do not scrape them with a file or other abrasive object.
* Install the cable terminal to the battery post with the nut loose, and tighten the nut after installation. Do not use a hammer to tap the terminal onto the post. (f) Be sure the cover for the positive (+) terminal is properly in place.

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