Lexus GS300 Repair Service Workshop Troubleshooting Manual

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Lexus GS300 Repair Service Workshop Troubleshooting Manual
The Lexus GS is a series of mid-size luxury sports sedans / executive cars sold by Lexus. The first GS, based on the platform and running gear of the Toyota Crown, was introduced in 1993 in the United States, Europe and selected markets in Asia. The first generation of GS300 series powered by 3.0 liter 2JZ-GE inline-6 producing up to 226 hp (169 kW) and 210 lb·ft (285 N·m) of torque served as the powerplant. According to reviewer testing, 0-60 acceleration times for the GS 300 were clocked at slightly over nine seconds.

This manual has been prepared to provide information on the repair, service, workshop and troubleshooting methods (including cutting and welding operations, but excluding painting) for collision-damaged body components of the LEXUS GS300 (JZS147). This manual consists of body repair methods, exploded diagrams and illustrations of the body components and other information relating to body panel replacement such as handling precautions, etc.

This service and workshop manual is divided into following sections: Introduction and General Information, Maintenance, Plastic Body Parts, Propeller Shaft, Starting System, Steering, Supplemental Restraint System, Suspension and Axle, Air Conditioning System, Anti-Ruts Treatment, Automatic Transmission, Body, Body Dimension, Body Electrical System, Body Panel Construction, Body Panel Replacement, Brake System, Charging System, and Engine.

At the beginning of each section, a general description is given that pertains to all repair operations contained in that section. TROUBLESHOOTING tables are included for each system to help you diagnose the problem and find the cause. Preparation lists the SST (Special Service Tools), recommended tools, equipment, lubricant and SSM (Special Service Materials) which should be prepared before beginning the operation and explains the purpose of each one.Most repair operations begin with an overview illustration. It identifies the components and shows how the parts fit together.

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